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Hi There!

Hi There. I am Odie. I am a cute 5 year old schnauzer. I am a “trucking dog,” my dad is a truck driver-he says “I am dumb as a box of rocks” and he calls me “AOC” I know O and C stand for Odie Cormier; the A must be for “adorable,” because everyone says I am a cutie. My mom likes me when I am “shaggy” and they both call me “Tucker,” as in Tucker Carlson off Fox news.

I have a sister, Jamie, who I love to sit and cuddle with when we are home off of the truck. She has a baby too; my niece, Beignet, that is 3 years old and very taller than me and enjoys pushing me around, stepping on me, stealing all the toys from me, and just using her height against me. My sister also has a fiance’ named David. He is okay, I guess. He gives me attention and loves on me too, so I like him.

We also have 2 cats outside; Oreo and Taz. I cant stand the cats, they drive me nuts to the point of me running at the door and barking at them; I’ve even run into the door a few times- darn cats just taunt me so much!

I also cannot stand when washing machines make loud banging noises, people walking near our vehicles or our house, big dogs (I try to pick fights with them- to which Sis says “They probably take bigger craps than me,) the cats, when people squirt the water hose, car washes, and the noise dog remote trainer (it hurts my ears!)

Just a little about me and my family before you get to experience the open road with a truckin dog and his family 🙂


Published by ontheroadwithodie

All about the life of a truckin dog.

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