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Over the Road: First Blog

On Sunday (Feb. 9), we headed out from the house in Opelousas, Louisiana to Tulsa, OK. By Wednesday (Feb.12), we had traveled through Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Indiana, Kentucky and headed to Dallas for Valentine day. I can proudly brag that I’ve marked my territory in some,if not all, of these states.  Mom said we’ve stayed in some really nice  truck stops. Her favorites were on I-40 exit 126 in Tennessee called North Forty. They said food was great, although they didn’t share with me so I wouldn’t know. Mom also liked the TA in Dallas; there was a mall behind the truck stop so she was able to get a little, what she called “retail therapy.” She must have met up with 5 nice guys, because she came back to the truck with burgers from them. Some truck stops even have fenced yards so I can play.  We saw this huge parking lot perfect for a truck stop with this  goofy little beaver on the sign; his name is  “buc  ees”: No dam trucks allowed.                                                Friday afternoon(Feb.14), we started our path back up north to Ohio. Dad  said we were going to the cold. 

So on Saturday afternoon(Feb.15), we got to this cold, white stuff  in Ft. Wayne Indiana & we will be in it until Monday when we delivery in Delphos, Ohio. Sometimes, I wish I was a bird; I would be flying out of this cold stuff! Mom and dad keep me warm except for potty breaks.

Until next week everyone, this has been Odie Cormier, over and out.


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All about the life of a truckin dog.

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