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over the road blog 2: Digital illiterates, cold snow, and possible siblings?

Sorry about the blog being late because these old people that I’m traveling with couldn’t figure how to get pictures off mom’s camera; even with my sister trying to walk them through it over text. Pictures will have to be on our next post…

If I had opposable thumbs, I could do it myself, but instead, I’m at the mercy of these old “digital illiterates.”
We started our week in Indiana with a bit of snow. We then headed to Missouri. From there, we went through the beautiful North Carolina gorge greeted by snow & ice; We spent 1 day and then sunshine returned to us through the mountains of West Virginia and Virginia.
While there in the Virginias’, we got a scare: Someone asked if mom and dad are siblings because he thought they look alike; I know they probably smell alike sometimes, but sir, I do believe you need your eyes checked. After that, We returned to rain in North Carolina.
We’re slowly moving towards home. (Maybe while we are home, Sister can work with mom and try to help her figure out how to get pics off the camera so that we don’t have another schedule delay in the next blog. HAHA.)

Well, that’s it for now. this has been Odie Cormier, just living that trucker dog life. Over and out.


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All about the life of a truckin dog.

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