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Over The Road Blog #3: Tennessee, Tornadoes,Trump,DOT, Oh My!

Hi all,

sadly there will be no pictures this week.

We were home with Beignet for more days than I can tolerate while dad was getting some work done on the truck. We left Louisiana in the rain on Wednesday morning.

We didn’t see sunshine until Thursday at about noon in Tennessee. We didn’t travel close to any of the tornado devastation and we didn’t see President Trump, although, he was in Tennessee during the same time we were there. Dad did, however, get to visit with a DOT officer when they pulled him in for an inspection. Dad kept saying that they were looking real hard at the tires. I like to pee on tires; hmm I wonder why the officer was looking so hard at the tires. Anyway, Dad passed the inspection with no violations and we were on our way.

We picked up a load of potato chips (to which Sister says it was a good thing she wasn’t there; she’d have eaten the entire load and dad wouldn’t have gotten paid. HAHA. Sister and her salt!) Friday morning & headed to Texas.

 On Sunday morning, dad bought mom to mass. We stayed outside in the fresh air because for some reason they wouldn’t let me into mass; I want to meet Jesus too! After mass, they went to eat pizza; I stayed in the truck on guard duty, however, I did not get any leftover pizza as a reward for a good job guarding.

We are back at the Flying J and Mom is on guard duty while dad and I go nap.

May all your travels be safe and don’t drive faster than your angel can fly.

This has been Odie Cormier, over & out until next week.


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