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Over the road Blog #4: Family visiting,Springtime, Allergies, Pretty Landscapes, and keeping safe from CoronaVirus

We’ve traveled from Texas last weekend to North Carolina this weekend. Last Sunday while in Texas, Mom and Dad went to eat Mexican food with mom’s godchild Alex, his wife Jade, and their children. Of course, I had to take care of guarding the truck and no surprise, they didn’t bring me back a doggie bag; did I become invisible all of a sudden?

Not only is the Coronavirus in the air, so it is spring. Mom and dad said their allergies are “kicking butt,” whatever that means. Mom said on the bright side the trees are starting to have color; It doesn’t matter to me if they have color or not, I pee on them all the same with or without leaves.

Mom said North Carolina has beautiful purple flowering trees called Redbuds that are visible on the sides of the highway as well as White Dogwoods in bloom- I didn’t know that they had trees named after white dogs; interesting!

Mom did see a few Tulip Magnolia trees beginning to bloom also. I do enjoy having mom on the truck with us except for the fact she has taken over the space I used to have. Sometimes when she gets out of her seat to go to the bunk area, I take her seat. She also has taken over bed space. If I sleep with them, I have to sleep in the corner like Cinderella; Mom calls me Odiefella which totally is not funny, Mom! I sleep on the seat at night.

Until next week, I hope this Coronavirus thing stays away from our space and away from our family.

This has been Odie Cormier, over and out until next week and everyone stay safe from that CoronaVirus- whatever it is!


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