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Hi There!

Hi There. I am Odie. I am a cute 5 year old schnauzer. I am a “trucking dog,” my dad is a truck driver-he says “I am dumb as a box of rocks” and he calls me “AOC” I know O and C stand for Odie Cormier; the A must be for “adorable,” because everyone says I am a cutie. My mom likes me when I am “shaggy” and they both call me “Tucker,” as in Tucker Carlson off Fox news.

I have a sister, Jamie, who I love to sit and cuddle with when we are home off of the truck. She has a baby too; my niece, Beignet, that is 3 years old and very taller than me and enjoys pushing me around, stepping on me, stealing all the toys from me, and just using her height against me. My sister also has a fiance’ named David. He is okay, I guess. He gives me attention and loves on me too, so I like him.

We also have 2 cats outside; Oreo and Taz. I cant stand the cats, they drive me nuts to the point of me running at the door and barking at them; I’ve even run into the door a few times- darn cats just taunt me so much!

I also cannot stand when washing machines make loud banging noises, people walking near our vehicles or our house, big dogs (I try to pick fights with them- to which Sis says “They probably take bigger craps than me,) the cats, when people squirt the water hose, car washes, and the noise dog remote trainer (it hurts my ears!)

Just a little about me and my family before you get to experience the open road with a truckin dog and his family 🙂


Pictures from on the road from the last blog

Over the road Blog #4: Family visiting,Springtime, Allergies, Pretty Landscapes, and keeping safe from CoronaVirus

We’ve traveled from Texas last weekend to North Carolina this weekend. Last Sunday while in Texas, Mom and Dad went to eat Mexican food with mom’s godchild Alex, his wife Jade, and their children. Of course, I had to take care of guarding the truck and no surprise, they didn’t bring me back a doggie bag; did I become invisible all of a sudden?

Not only is the Coronavirus in the air, so it is spring. Mom and dad said their allergies are “kicking butt,” whatever that means. Mom said on the bright side the trees are starting to have color; It doesn’t matter to me if they have color or not, I pee on them all the same with or without leaves.

Mom said North Carolina has beautiful purple flowering trees called Redbuds that are visible on the sides of the highway as well as White Dogwoods in bloom- I didn’t know that they had trees named after white dogs; interesting!

Mom did see a few Tulip Magnolia trees beginning to bloom also. I do enjoy having mom on the truck with us except for the fact she has taken over the space I used to have. Sometimes when she gets out of her seat to go to the bunk area, I take her seat. She also has taken over bed space. If I sleep with them, I have to sleep in the corner like Cinderella; Mom calls me Odiefella which totally is not funny, Mom! I sleep on the seat at night.

Until next week, I hope this Coronavirus thing stays away from our space and away from our family.

This has been Odie Cormier, over and out until next week and everyone stay safe from that CoronaVirus- whatever it is!

Over The Road Blog #3: Tennessee, Tornadoes,Trump,DOT, Oh My!

Hi all,

sadly there will be no pictures this week.

We were home with Beignet for more days than I can tolerate while dad was getting some work done on the truck. We left Louisiana in the rain on Wednesday morning.

We didn’t see sunshine until Thursday at about noon in Tennessee. We didn’t travel close to any of the tornado devastation and we didn’t see President Trump, although, he was in Tennessee during the same time we were there. Dad did, however, get to visit with a DOT officer when they pulled him in for an inspection. Dad kept saying that they were looking real hard at the tires. I like to pee on tires; hmm I wonder why the officer was looking so hard at the tires. Anyway, Dad passed the inspection with no violations and we were on our way.

We picked up a load of potato chips (to which Sister says it was a good thing she wasn’t there; she’d have eaten the entire load and dad wouldn’t have gotten paid. HAHA. Sister and her salt!) Friday morning & headed to Texas.

 On Sunday morning, dad bought mom to mass. We stayed outside in the fresh air because for some reason they wouldn’t let me into mass; I want to meet Jesus too! After mass, they went to eat pizza; I stayed in the truck on guard duty, however, I did not get any leftover pizza as a reward for a good job guarding.

We are back at the Flying J and Mom is on guard duty while dad and I go nap.

May all your travels be safe and don’t drive faster than your angel can fly.

This has been Odie Cormier, over & out until next week.

Delayed Pictures from the last blog

Here are the photos that were meant for the last blog. we got them off Mom’s camera (Finally!) An actual blog post will be up sometime later within the week.

This has been Odie Cormier, Trucker dog, Over and Out for now.

over the road blog 2: Digital illiterates, cold snow, and possible siblings?

Sorry about the blog being late because these old people that I’m traveling with couldn’t figure how to get pictures off mom’s camera; even with my sister trying to walk them through it over text. Pictures will have to be on our next post…

If I had opposable thumbs, I could do it myself, but instead, I’m at the mercy of these old “digital illiterates.”
We started our week in Indiana with a bit of snow. We then headed to Missouri. From there, we went through the beautiful North Carolina gorge greeted by snow & ice; We spent 1 day and then sunshine returned to us through the mountains of West Virginia and Virginia.
While there in the Virginias’, we got a scare: Someone asked if mom and dad are siblings because he thought they look alike; I know they probably smell alike sometimes, but sir, I do believe you need your eyes checked. After that, We returned to rain in North Carolina.
We’re slowly moving towards home. (Maybe while we are home, Sister can work with mom and try to help her figure out how to get pics off the camera so that we don’t have another schedule delay in the next blog. HAHA.)

Well, that’s it for now. this has been Odie Cormier, just living that trucker dog life. Over and out.

Over the Road: First Blog

On Sunday (Feb. 9), we headed out from the house in Opelousas, Louisiana to Tulsa, OK. By Wednesday (Feb.12), we had traveled through Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Indiana, Kentucky and headed to Dallas for Valentine day. I can proudly brag that I’ve marked my territory in some,if not all, of these states.  Mom said we’ve stayed in some really nice  truck stops. Her favorites were on I-40 exit 126 in Tennessee called North Forty. They said food was great, although they didn’t share with me so I wouldn’t know. Mom also liked the TA in Dallas; there was a mall behind the truck stop so she was able to get a little, what she called “retail therapy.” She must have met up with 5 nice guys, because she came back to the truck with burgers from them. Some truck stops even have fenced yards so I can play.  We saw this huge parking lot perfect for a truck stop with this  goofy little beaver on the sign; his name is  “buc  ees”: No dam trucks allowed.                                                Friday afternoon(Feb.14), we started our path back up north to Ohio. Dad  said we were going to the cold. 

So on Saturday afternoon(Feb.15), we got to this cold, white stuff  in Ft. Wayne Indiana & we will be in it until Monday when we delivery in Delphos, Ohio. Sometimes, I wish I was a bird; I would be flying out of this cold stuff! Mom and dad keep me warm except for potty breaks.

Until next week everyone, this has been Odie Cormier, over and out.